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In this task me and a couple of friends “tried” to make a poem like Brian
Bilston. When you read it down is is against refugees and when you read
it up you are for refugees.

This poem is not made to offend anybody in anyway.


They do not need our help
Do not tell us
These fake stories
These hungry faces
Cold blooded bombers
From both sides
Waiting for the right moment
To seek rights
To risk freedoms
Locals are causing havoc
With there dirty little lies
They are Escaping from disaster
No power no water
Don't give them anything
You say.

(Now read from bottom to top)

The Refugee poem was created by Max, Grace and Sam
this poem was made to make people think that he is against
Refugees but if you read the last line it states (Now read
from bottom to top) than it read like he is for Refugees.

Rules Of Algebra

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Two Fronts Battle

Two Fronts Battle

On a cold, winter day Jed went on a monthly fishing trip.
 Two weeks into the trip Jed started to steer his, large red boat
with fast racing stripes down the side, towards his net that he laid
out in that night.  Sea Lady wouldn’t go the way he wanted.
What the…?” Jed thought.  It didn’t matter how much he tried it  
wouldn’t go the way he wanted.

Jed ran onto the titan deck,the salty spray wetting his bear-
like hair that was lashing in the harsh wind. Suddenly the boat
started to disappear through an invisible force field. Jed ran to the
front of the boat quickly. DONG! He hit his head on thin air. He fell over.
All he could see now was black.  

When he woke up, he wasn’t in his Sea Lady any more, he was on the beach.
He opened his  blue eyes that shone as bright as the sun shines through the
white clouds.  Jed slowly stood up, his vision was blurred.

There was one massive tree above him and blades in front of him. The big
one was called Crusher. He was big and brave with his two hammer hands.
One side was flat and one side spiked like the tip of a spear. His head
was the shape of a tree stump with his shattered teeth. He was with
Slicer the small one. He had feet that were saw blades made of the finest
metal in the word and you could see your reflection. His long, razor blade
hands were made out of the same metal  You would call him a slicing machine.
“Hi my name is Jed you mast be Crusher and Slicer.”
“Hi. Yes, my name is Crusher and this is Slicer but Slicer can't speak.”

“Here we go,” said Crusher, “it has started. The Blue Sun flyers are getting
close. Jed, you will join us. Pick a weapon from the armory. Get a long range
weapon and a close range weapon. We let you into Basher’s Land because
you are the son of Jim. Jim sent you here to bring out the of best
dagger the only weapon that can kill the Blue Sun King. If you kill him
you can stop the army.”

“Now the under runners are coming!” cried Crusher.
“Is that bad?” whispered Jed.
“ It is good and bad.  They will fight the Blue Sun flyers but that is
 another army that will kill humans.”

It was starting.  The world could see big, black, faded spaceships
entering the atmosphere. The ground started shaking then... CRACK!
The under runners are here. They jumped out of the crevices in the
ground and the Blue Sun flyers were flying through the city's the Ander
runners see the Blue sun flyers the army are trying to help the
people Jed went to see Sergeant Dave he brought crasher with dark cloak  
“Sergeant Dave” yaled Jed
“I don't have time to talk to you kid the word is ending”cried Sergeant Dave
“but I can stop it with the help of my frends the best bashers”.
Ok work with me wen we got in the banker crasher took of his cloak
“hi Sergeant Dave” no ripley Sergeant Dave gave the beast bashers the
tik to help. In less than ten  minutes thay were here to rescue the humans
they took them to the nearest army camp where they sent them to
the closest army banker.

After the rout of humans coming in slowed down we now that we had to
 fight for our world so we made a plan for assassination of Brout the
king of the under runners but we have to think we can’t just kill Brout
because the blue sun flyers will haunt as dawn so wen we are down there
sergeant Dave needs to keep building the 2911 so we can get to Sara the
blue queen it's good that we are almost done building. We need to go we
can abseil down one of the cracks in the grand as they were abseiling
down some under runners were coming up but crasher took care of that
wen we got down I sow a ginormous tower we need to use the grapnel gun
to zipline down to the top of the tower. Crasher is staying bake to holed
the zipline it’s good that I learnt Slicer sidlagwigy we landed on the roof
we spotted Brout he was two story below Slicer sliced a hole in the
roof wen we got down there was no one there we went down no one
there we went down slowly we looked through the door he was there
. “Ko we need to stab him with this nith so you break thru the wall
and then run I will sneak up and get him” whispered Jed. 3 2 1 BOOM
Slicer jumped thru the wall OOWEE the nith went strat throw Brouts
bodyguard frowz if you touch them they will crack

Wen we got back up there blue sun flyers were everywhere we got to the
2911 “sergeant Dave is it ready” arsked Jed “YIP”seid sergeant Dave
“ok let's go everyone” yaled Jed. 5 4 3 2 1 blastoff “this is the last stand
wen we get on the ship kill all the blue sun flyers that you see me, Crasher
and Slicer will make them run biy killing Sara the blue queen.
Ok lets go as we work out of the ship there were blue sun flyers all
around the ship “ko we need to jump out onto the roof and attack from
the top go go go” wesperd Jed we all jumped off in epic slow motion. When
we got to the brite shining light at the gate we now we just had to fight
and kill Sara lets go as we were fighting gloriously we sour Sara and
we went for it. Crusher and Slicer distracted Sara and I jumped
at Sara with the nith infrant BOOM a massive shock wave hit jed
back hundred meters as he slowly got up and Crusher and Slicer were
above me seeing if I was good “SARA IS DEAD” yaled Crusher and ten
years later the word is starting to recovered

WALT write a science fiction narrative text
Context: Space Topic
Audience:  Our extended whanau, peers and an online readership      
Purpose: To create a science fiction short story that hooks and holds the reader’s attention.

Success Criteria: We will have met the learning criteria when we have effectively used the key structural features and key language features  of a narrative science fiction text to tell our story.

Book Review

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish By Dr.Seuss

Do you like Dr.Seuss? If you do then this book is good for you

The story takes place in many places, under the clear blue water, in the boy and girls town, and
in a giant, unusual house. My favourite setting is in the town. There are more pages about
the town so there are more rhymes to be heard and pictures to be seen. The book is not hard
to read and the rhymes and the pictures makes me laugh.

Dr.Seuss is also the illustrator so he connects to the story. On every page there
is a new, unusual creature that the reader can see.  Each time there is a new creature
there is a new rhyme on the page.There's two main characters, one boy and one girl, but their
names are never mentioned.

The genre for this book is fiction.  It is funny and unusual. It rhymes to get people to
learn to recognise word patterns.The story is funny because the pictures are crazy. I can read
it all by myself.

I think that this book would be good for kids that struggle with reading and for people that like
to laugh. I struggle with reading myself and this book was good when I was struggling at
a young age. Dr.Seuss is great for making you calm while reading because if you get stuck
on a page then you can turn the page and uncover a new, unusual character

Book Review       Create - Literacy
WALT write for a particular purpose and audience.
WALT think critically about the texts we read.
We will have met the success criteria when wehave read a book within the past three months and reviewed it using the key elements of a book review.have shared our book review online.
have entered a re-crafted version of our book review in the Paper Plus Book Review Competition.

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