Monday, 17 December 2018

North and South SLJ 3

My home town is Greymouth.It is located in the South Island beside the Grey Giver and next to the Tasman sea.  You can do a lot of sports here : basketball, squash, tennis, league. Rugby, touch, netball, hockey, swimming, and lots mors. If you like the outdoors you can go fishing, eeling, motorbike riding, ride the cycle trail from Greymouth to Ross, and heaps more

The Legend of New Zealand

Kauri dieback is killing our kauri trees.  the king of the forest, Tane Māhuta is at risk   

We have a really strong sporting community

Cape Reinga is at the top of the North Island and Bluff is at the bottom of the South Island

Karoro SLJ Ice Ice Baby

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Friday, 2 November 2018

Follow visual instructions
Complete origami task 
Mix colours with thought  
Completed a dragon's eye according to thee visual instructions 
Loaded a photo of my dragon's eye onto my blog with WALT

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Informational text Sam Levien

Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
  • Author Information
✔Boldface Words
  • Bullet Points
✔Picture Captions
  • Graph/ Chart/Diagram
✔Contact Information
✔Italicized Words
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • List
  • Map
✔Subheading/ Subtitle
✔Questions/ Answers
  • Table of Contents
  • Timeline
  • Pronunciation Guide
Informational Text Breakdown
Name:       Sam                            Date:29.10.18
Text Title: Exotic Paradise        Author: Gavin Mouldey
Preview  Complete BEFORE reading the text  
What I expect to read about: A beautiful Pacific island with no interruptions.
What I already know, or think I know about the topic:Hot weather, coral reefs, butterfly fish.
Questions I have about the topic: Where is it in the world? How big is the place? Is it fun?
Author’s Purpose
  1. To Entertain
  2. To Persuade
  3. To Inform
  4. Other: ________ _____________
Prove it: To Inform because they are giving info about the topic  
So What’s The Big Idea: Pick three words that describe the main idea.
Vocabulary: Choose a word from the text you knew, or didn’t know, and explain why it’s important to know in regards to the big idea!
WHY? Mesozoic I learnt about the animals in that time and the Manuherikia lake.
Put it into a sentence: NZ was the place where many berds
Detail: Zeolandia was/is a continent
Detail: a lot of our native beads evolved in Zealandia
Detail:lake Manuherikia is a palaeolack that holds masazowick fossils in sediment  
What I learned: about the animals of the Manuherikia animas and the Mesozoic time with the dinosaurs.
The connection I made while reading:I made a connection to thinking the penguin is almost the hite of Steven Adams
Questions I still have about the topic:
What caused the ice age.

Exotic Paradise

A w2 Purpose for reading: we are learning to identify the features
of an informational text.

Text: Exotic radise
  • Put n, v or adj next to these words to show which are nouns, verbs, or adjectives.
  • Then choose five of these words and explain their meaning in your own words.
Answer the questions below and record your answers for posting on your blog. Write in complete sentences. Try to use some of the rich vocabulary from the list.
Continents  (n)
Predatory (adj)
Mammals ( n )
Prehisdtory (adj)
Fossil (n)

Pattered ( v )
Molar (n)
Catalogue  ( n )
Palaeontologist    (n)
Sediment ( n )

Palaeolake ( n )
Notion (n)
Archetypal (Adj)
Evolved ( v )
Complex ( Adj )
Prolific (adj)
Terrestrial (adj)
Vertebrates (n)
Dwarfed (v)

Exodus(n  v)

Painstaking(adj  v)
How long ago was the Mesozoic era?

Name three animals that lived in that time and three that did not.

According to the article what happened to tropical plant species during the Pleistocene era?

What new species arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand at the time of the Pleistocene ice ages?
Explain, in your words, the theory behind the Gondwana supercontinent. You may need to research first.

Name three animals that have been discovered at Lake Manuherikia that we definitely do not have in Aotearoa/ New Zealand today.

If Lake Taupo has an area of 616km², how big is Lake Manuherikia?

Why are there so many gaps in our terrestrial fossil records?

Complete the response to Informational Text as found in your literacy folder.
Create a quiz about the article “Exotic Paradise” using google forms. How to make a quiz.

(1) Fossil - a bone that comes from a once living mammal, vertebrate,
Rocks  or other materials (2) Evolved - animals that have been taking
time to turn into something like a life cycle(3) Mammals - Are animals
that don’t lay eggs like us(4) Vertebrates - are animals that have a
backbone  and invertebrates are animals that doesn't have any back bone
(5) Continents -  continents are A region that hold countries  
(1) The Mesozoic era was  252 million to 66 million  years ago                                                     
(2)  3 animals were alive  dinosaurs, stegosaurus,tyrannosaurus rex
megalodon. Three animals that were not alive in the Mesozoic humans,
hedgehogs and Cats as we know them now.(3) During the Pleistocene
era plants died out because of the temperature dropping from 16-20℃
down to 3-7℃. (4) Pleistocene ice age was when the haast’s eagle,
takahē and the large laughing owl.(5) Gwandalan was a supercontinent it
 had australia, india, new zealand and antarctica
(6) 3 animals that  were found in the lake Turtles, Crocodiles,  Flamingos,
(7) Lake Manuherikia covered 5600 sq km of central otago (8)  there are
so many gaps in the terrestrial fossil record  because movement of
the continental plates causing geological upheaval.